The most frequently asked question about passive income is: how can you earn a passive income? In order to answer this question as well as possible, I researched the ways in which successful entrepreneurs passively earn money. From the results of all passive and residual (continuous income after termination of work) methods I encountered, I have compiled a list. As the name of this blog post indicates, there are many different earnings models for passive income, so be prepared to make a lot of scrolling.

A passive income is something that you create once (something of high value), which, by offering it in a smart way, is repeatedly repaid. This can be realized, for example, by automating, using electronics or by outsourcing.The following list of earnings models for passive income shows examples of ways people deserve or deserve a passive income. This allows you to make a plan to create your own success. Below is the list of the various ways to earn passive income;

1. Subscriptions and Continuity
With these methods, a company receives money because people pay regularly to access a service, product or service offered. Examples can be sports, online magazines, magazines, music services (spotify), video services (netflix), charities, etc.
2. Advertising, Advertising
Advertising can generate a lot of new customers and generate more profits. If it yields more than it costs, you can make it passive income by continuously investing in profits in new ads. This is a widely used model for passive income for all kinds of services and products. You will need to do good research and do tests to find the right relationship and the right product (the product) to make an investment. Examples of commonly used products and services for this method are: information products, recipe books, but also foods and dietary supplements and can be a very powerful earnings model for passive income.
3. Affiliate Marketing / Partner Program
Affiliate Marketing is the easiest and fastest way to earn online money and generate a passive income! What is affiliate marketing ? An affiliate is someone who promotes products or services from other companies and receives a commission for any sales that he / she generates for that company. 50% Commission is common in such cooperation. Companies that offer such a partner program include, KLM, Amazon, Zalando and Wehkamp. Small and medium-sized companies also participate in this earnings model. For example, webhosting from, Woothemes WordPress, templates or Foodie health products. Want to learn how to earn money with affiliate marketing like me? Then click on the link below: > View the Affiliate Marketing Revolution Note : I have also done the Affiliate Marketing Revolution and have doubled my income in a month’s time! I think this is the most practical training I’ve had in affiliate marketing so far, so I’m happy to share my affiliate link from the Affiliate Marketing Revolution so you can do this affiliate marketing training quickly and easily! Buy this only if you think that this will help you and your business further and do not spend money on things you do not need.
4. Arbitration services / intermediaries / Service Agency
This works the same as affiliate marketing, only in this case are services rather than products. The target group is willing to pay money for a particular service, and there is another group of people who want the orders and can perform for less money than the target group paid for. One, in my opinion, fair exchange where one skills and work delivers and the other customers and money.
Tread up as the ‘middle man’ and the difference will be your commission. For example, organizing courses, software programming, model work, cleaning, web design, event organization, marketing, anything that you could outsource is possible with this earnings model.
5. Apps
Apps are small progames for smartphones, tablets or computers. There are several types of apps: Tracking, or measuring and tracking results. ‘Entertaining’, the entertainment of people by game or content. ‘Inform’, it will inform you. Educational Apps, these have an educational role. Communicate brings people into contact. Expression, an app as a place to share expressions. Successful apps include Instagram, Angry Birds, Nike +, Evernote, Shazam, Uber, Google Maps, and many thousands of others.
6. Audio programs
An audio progamma is a way to share knowledge and information through sound recordings. This can be done on CD and USB, but also digitally, such as MP3 file.
7. Investing
An investment is a form of investment, which secures money for longer or shorter time, with the aim of achieving financial benefit in the future. This can be done in different ways,.
– Shares: A share represents a small piece of a company. Shareholders are entitled to part of the company’s profit, which is called a dividend.
– Alternative investments: Alternative investments are investment products whose return does not coincide with the rate developments on the traditional bond and equity markets. Examples include: investments in real estate, ships, resumes, hedge funds, raw materials, pricate equity, investment assets and life settlements.
– Investment fund: An investment fund collects money from multiple investors and invests it on their behalf.
Derivatives Derivatives are investment products based on, or derived from, stocks, bonds, indices, commodities or currencies. The value of derivatives is thus linked to the value of other investments.
– Exchange Trade Fund: An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF, also called indextracker) combines properties of mutual funds and stocks. What can be done with shares – buying, selling, and responding to an expected development – is also possible with ETFs. But where stocks are synonymous with investment in one company, ETF’s investments are in a full market, so investors do not put everything on a single card. This is exactly the same as for investment funds.
– Structured Products: A structured product consists of a combination of different investment products, often bonds, options or shares.
– Bonds: These are loans to large companies for which you receive a high interest rate, eg 5%, on the loan amount each year .
8. Paid service numbers number
Service numbers are phone numbers with additional costs for the caller at the top of the standard bell fee. Consultants and coaches use these types of numbers to deliver customized services to their customers, but also the customer service of large organizations and the erotic industry still make good use of this method.
9. Payment service with commission
Such a payment system can take out the handling of money transactions against commission fees. Amazon has such a payment system. Other known examples can be Ideal and Paypal.
10. Blog
Blogs and bloggers use many different methods to earn online money. You can create content for someone else’s website or your blog, “money trips”, by offering products of yourself or others in any way. A widely used earnings model for passive income is through advertorials (paid content), writing reviews, ads on the website, using Google Adsense or for example through affiliate marketing.
12. B oeken
For centuries, we share knowledge and experience through books. You can write a book on each subject. There are many different distribution methods of self-publishing with drop-shipping to traditional publishers.
13. Clinics
Do you have skills or knowledge that you would like to convey to others? Then giving clinics may be something for you. Clinics are short events where you can sign up. Sometimes a product or service is promoted at the end of the clinic. Examples of clinics include: yoga, golf, making green smoothies, sushi rolling, freestyle snowboarding, elivator pitch, etc.
14. Coaching
If you want to help people reach their goals, you may be able to use a personal approach, such as coaching. Often people want to be supervised. Examples include: a (personal) fitness trainer, a communication, nutrition, or tennis coach, or a coach to learn to sell, start a business, or to quit smoking. You name it.
15. Content Revenue Sharing
Revenue sharing sites allow you to earn a percentage of the revenue from ads that appear next to the content. Basically you get paid for writing good content! Yahoo has a great content revenu sharing progamma, but there are many more!
16. CPA Marketing
CPA (Click Per Action) is a marketing term and method used for advertising and represents cost per action. Free translated in Dutch is this: ‘cost per action’. CPA is an amount that, according to an online marketing ad model (which requires a pre-arranged action by the visitor) is calculated per action. This action can include, for example, downloading software, reaching a page, filling out a form, or making an order.
17. CPC
CPC stands for Cost Per Click and freely translated in Dutch, this is “cost per click”. In Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising systems like Google Adwords, you pay a fixed amount each time someone clicks on the ad. The CPC is the maximum amount you’d like to spend per click. Due to a higher CPC bid, you often get higher in sponsored search results.
18. Crowd Funding
Crowd funding is a collective term for all kinds of initiatives where the input of many can lead to a single-party goal. It is a way of social borrowing and investing, where market parties can find each other in demand and supply on different levels. As a result, financing is no longer possible only through a bank. Your ability puts you in with third parties, rather than investing.
19. Courses
A course follows a number of lessons on a particular topic. For example, this can be a drawing, movie, photographing, car slipping, wall climbing, cooking, log cabin construction, etc. Courses can be given in “real life” (by other people) or digital over the internet and can also provide passive income with some creativity.
20. Donations and gifts
Non-profit organizations, foundations and associations for charities and sports and pleasure companies consist mainly of donations, gifts and contributions. Even though these types of companies do not have a profit objective, it can be a lucrative way to earn money, because such companies also have to pay their staff. Well-known examples include the NOC * NSF, the Johan Cruyff Fund, KiKa, Green Peace, as well as small companies such as Stichting Aight of the Dance and Culture Foundation Zoetermeer.
21. Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping is a good way for a passive income to sell products without keeping your inventory or sending the products. The dropship supplier keeps the stock for you and sends the products to your customer. This product may be yours, but you do not have to. For example, you can offer Vitamix blenders through a drop shipping progamma, or you can write a book and let it print and send only when you’ve sold it.
22. DVD Programs
A lot of knowledge and information is shared through video. DVD Programs are DVD packages that allow you to produce recordings that you made for example of a training, course, seminar, workshop, or event. Nowadays, many DVD packages are also sent by drop shipping.
23. E-books
These are digital books and these are extremely popular since the arrival of smartphones, tablets and computers. Nowadays, you no longer have to go to the store but order a book, wherever you are, and you can start reading immediately. Many people who want to earn passive money choose this as the first model for passive income.
24. Email marketing
This form of marketing is actually ‘direct marketing’, which uses e-mail to send commercial or fundraising messages to a target group. Many online marketers build up an email list of potential customers, keeping them happy with the free delivery of value and the occasional offer of a product or service. This can, if done well, be a very lucrative way to earn passive money.
25. Events
There are many people who have a passive income by organizing events. From parties and sports matches to meetups, you have it all. Event organizers ensure that people get together by organizing fun activities. Sometimes people can only watch something (for example a football match), or sometimes someone can participate, for example, a house party. In my opinion, you can do all the fun activities “money trips” by keeping costs lower than the price paid by the participants. This is one of my favorite methods of passive income. You can sell the event first and when it’s money it’s (let) organize (by others).
26. Freelance writing
You can do this immediately without any investment. If you are good at writing texts then this may be for you. You can decide for yourself where and when you write. In addition, you will have to continue to pay paid work, but it gives you enormous freedom. Things you can write are: blog posts, brochures, newsletters, special reports, advertsing-copy and press releases.
27. Google AdSense
If you own a website then you might consider placing Google AdSense. Google AdSense are ad units that you see on websites that include “Ads by Goooooogle”. The principle is the same as Google Adwords, you can place ads on other websites and pay per click. The website owner receives a commission per click. The ideal passive income way thus. Below is a Google Adsense banner as an example:
29. Information products
E-books, audio programs, USB Sticks, DVD Progamma’s, Mastermind Groups, online training and course, workshops, seminars, webinars, clinics, etc. can all be information products. If you have knowledge or expertise, or have you researched other people’s experience, knowledge or expertise and would like to report on that, you can earn a lot of passive money with the creation of information products. This is definitely one of my favorite methods!
30. Invest in Startups
If you have money available and invest this, Tech (Tech) Startups might be something for you. Actor Ashton Kutcher invests his money in Airbnb, Spotify and Foursquare. If such startups are successful, you can earn a lot of money here.
31. Investing / trading in currency.
I myself doubled my own bet by investing in the digital currency Bitcoins. Trading in money has been done for many years and the crisis and the arrival of digital currency have changed a lot. If you can spend a bit and you do not mind taking some risk, this can be a very lucrative way to earn passive money.
32. Licenses
There are different types of licenses. In short, licenses grant others the right to use (re) content, such as music or texts, for example, under certain conditions. Licenses can be used for all kinds of creative material, such as music, photos, art and texts. As a licensee, you can earn money. However, before you begin to avoid disappointments, you will need to legally study the rules of the game. You can also sell licenses for other products. A good example of this is Adobe with her Photoshop. This passive income earnings model is also used in the business to business industry (B2B).
33. Masterminds
A Mastermind group is a small group of people who meet regularly, online or offline, to talk about their goals, growth and success, and support each other. Usually these are people who have achieved something and / or an authority in their field. Masterminds can be extremely powerful, and while some are free, the participants pay a high amount of participation, usually because they get a high amount of money. I myself organized masterminds and helped me (and the others) to bring us to our goals more quickly and get new ideas and turn them into successes.
34. Meetups
Meetups bring together people who want to learn, share, or do something together. As an organizer, you can ask for money here. From network bubbles to hobby clubs to brainstorms, it all exists. For more inspiration please visit .
35. Network Marketing / Multi Level Marketing
Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as network marketing, is a very powerful business model that sells services or products by networking through a layered system of representatives or distributors, also called (sales) consultants. Major examples of MLM progamas are Herbal Life and 7 Point Two (7.2). Do you really want to generate passive income with network marketing? Send me a message via the contact page.
36. Niche website
A niche website is about a specific part of a particular topic. An example: vehicles are the subject, cars are the segment and the old-time Volkswagen buses are the niche. If you find a large audience with a particular interest, you can create a website (for example, Volkswagen buses) that generates a lot of visitors (read: potential) customers. After that, you can earn money by cashing your website through one of the many ways listed in this list. Some examples of niche site topics include: fly fishing, 3D printing, quick chess, student dating, chili con carne, Spiderman fansite, etc. Many people make money on their niche sites with affiliate marketing that works perfectly for passive income.
37. Online course
In an online course, after payment, you have exclusive access to information, and a space is often available online that allows you to contact with fellow students or supervisors. You can not think so badly if there is an online course. From floral to social media marketing, it all exists.
38. Pay Per Click
Top way for passive income. This is an ad term, also known as (PPC), which will pay per click that generates an ad on your website. Many large online webshops offer Pay Per Click banners for blogs and niches sites.
39. Peer-to-peer loan
Peer-to-peer loans are a way that lenders and lenders can carry out a cash transaction without the intervention of traditional financial institutions, such as banks. Both borrowers and lenders are individual individuals. The internet has made peer-to-peer loans possible by bringing together borrowers and lenders. A typical Peer-to-Peer loan contract involves multiple lenders and one-to-one lender, reducing any risk of non-refund. In the United Kingdom, Zopa is an example of a Peer-to-Peer loan website, as well as Prosper in the US. In the Netherlands there was Boober.
40. Podcasts
These are audio and radio shows that you can subscribe to and stream over the Internet. Some podcasts are paid, others are free but contain advertisements or links to webshops.
41. Print-on-demand
If you create a “physical” information product like a book, audio program or video series, you can choose the print on demand method. Only after the purchase is done is the CD, DVD or whatever produced.
42. Q & A
Question & Answer (Q & A) is a way to earn money with answering questions. You can choose whether to answer questions for a fixed rate per question, subscription form, or the user to determine the value of the amount per answered question.
43. Advertising space
Advertising can also be a form of passive income or passive money. Advertising in / on your own ‘space’, for example, your office or your car. Yes, it’s possible to let your car be advertised and receive an X amount each month. Or, if you live in the middle of the city, you can use your walls or windows for commercial expressions. Advertising space (lighters, website, etc.)
On almost anything, you can have your ads press or show. Organize an event, then create space for banners. Do you have relationships that love golf, then let golf balls print. In short, as you probably have already seen yourself, you can (almost) make money through advertising.
44. Interest rates
Interest income is simply the life of the interest you receive on your saved capital. As far as I’m concerned, one of the better passive income earnings models. Here I can only dream of it!
45. Travel agency
Organize a surf trip or a diving safari and earn money with organizing trips and vacations. Once you’ve set up a trip, you can continue selling them again and again. Slim play, you almost do not have to do anything except for your tax returns.
46. Royalties / Franchise Fees
Franchise royalties are paid royalties paid by a franchisee to the franchisor. The franchisee is the person who buys and operates a franchise (company), and the franchisee is the person or business entity selling the franchise. Subway and Mac Donalds are great examples of this. Service to convert money to other money or payment method.
47. Software
If you find a company or target group with a challenge or problem then you may be able to correct or reduce that problem by developing software.
48. Speeches and lectures
Giving a speech or reading can be a lot of money if you become a popular speaker. However, it is not a passive earnings model. You can (let) these events, so you can sell them again as (digital) product.
49. Seminars
If you organize a seminar yourself, you can transfer the participants in advance (reduced) access amount. That’s how you earn money before you have organized / organized the seminar. Many seminars offer a product or service at the end, which may result in a post-sale. Very lucrative passive income earnings model!
50. Sponsorship
I myself, as an ex-top athlete, lived for years on income from recruiting and retaining sponsors. Throughout the year I was paid for “doing what I already did and the best thing to do” and that’s snowboarding. Are you motivated or you have the potential to become a target group, consider approaching companies that want to be successful in your success. Actually, this was my first passive income.
51. Streaming Live Video
Some people earn their money by turning on their webcam (and no not just with sex). For example, this woman earns her money for her webcam and a boy from Zoetermeer has filmed himself in his room and earns € 10,000, -.
52. Grants
A grant is a temporary or permanent contribution from the government or non-commercial organization for the purpose of starting or carrying out an activity, the economic importance of which is not immediately apparent. If the economic importance of starting an activity is obvious, one usually speaks of an investment premium. Today, the crisis (unfortunately) has fewer subsidies available, but if you have developed a good social initiative, you can still enjoy it (passive).
53. Teleseminars / Conference calls
Use the phone and offer you (free) a lot of value. At the end of the conversation you offer something for sale. There are also teleseminars that you have to pay for and usually no more for sale.
54. Real estate and real estate
Real estate is perfect as passive income. You can invest and invest in movable and non-moveable objects. There are several earnings models to earn money. A well-known method is to rent houses you own to tenants. Because there is often a major investment involved, this could be a big step to get started. Only when one generates a stable cash flow (passive) many people find it interesting to view this type of options.
55. Rental income
Not just a house can you rent but also bike, car tools or like that used to be, video tapes. There are even special websites set up such as, and at there is also a lot to rent. Good way for passive money.
56. Sell art, craft and other handmade items
Handcrafted hats, jewelry, food or paintings, you can offer it all over the world, eg through a webshop, event website, physical store, marketplace or by mouth-to-face advertising.
57. Vidcasts
These are videos that you can subscribe to and work according to the same principle as podcasts.
58. Video Course
Increasingly, offline and online video courses are being followed, such as Jacko’s affiliate marketing course .
59. Webinars
Online seminars were called webinars. For this purpose, “entrance fee” is often calculated or a product or service is offered for sale besides providing a lot of free valuable content.
60. Webhosting
If you have a mindset of networks and computers then you could start your own webhosting company. Web hosting is a service that is accessible through a website, and individuals or companies offer space for storing information, images or other content. As a webshoster, you will receive rental income for the provision of this service.
61. Webshops
Webshops and webshops appear to be the only one in the Netherlands to almost not notice the crisis. Turnover of online stores amounted to 5 billion euros in the first half of the year, an increase of 8 percent compared to the same period in 2012. This is evidenced by a market research published by . A very lucrative way to earn passive money.
62. Developing Websites
Developing websites is not a passive way of making money itself, but this may be the case if it is not a one-time but a monthly payment scheme. It’s something you can do “where and when it comes to you” as long as there’s only an internet connection.
63. Website Flipping
With this increasingly popular earnings model, build / buy, improve and sell your websites.
64. Workshops
A workshop is an activity of a day or several days, with participants acquiring specific knowledge about the subject of the workshop. Contrary to traditional forms of education, active participation plays an important role. This earnings model can be made passive by giving other people the opportunity to give and organize the workshop.

Finally, do not be overwhelm by that list.Just pick one and pour all your mind to it.You will surely succeed and in no distant time you will be making your own passive income