Things weren’t always as dandy as the $10,478 week I had not too long ago. So let me share a little story with you and show you how I got here.

It was around February 2008 when I first started this crazy Internet marketing stuff.

I quit a job that I hated a few months previous and the little money that I had saved was slowly dwindling away so I had to figure out this making money online stuff quickly.

I tried lots of these programs and business opportunities in the first few weeks but they just seemed like a waste of time (and money)…

What a complete load of rubbish…

They were just a complete waste of time and not to mention some were so damn unethical…

On I went for many more weeks trying desperately to make this IM stuff work.

Eventually after many more weeks of looking around I found something that actually started to work for me and make me a bit of money.


I was making money… not a lot but something.

So yeah I was actually making a bit of money online..Coool!

This went on for another couple of months until I woke up one morning to check some of my video accounts that I was using to send visitors to my pages where I made money from had been terminated and……….CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE