Have you tried several online business ideas without success? Here, at olufonblog, you will smile at last because we are going to show you a simple online idea which the online gurus  have been keeping away from you for so many years. Your investment in this idea is very low.we will show you a trick where you may even not spend any money. You will definitely thank us when you make money in a less stress way. Introducing, How to make money from Product launches. Here is what we are going to cover in this article; (1) What is a  product launch strategy  (2) how to find a product to promote (3) Getting a domain/creating a site (4) Creating Content (5) Optimizing your site

Let us take them one by one now.

What Is A Product Launch strategy?

This is a marketing strategy in which a new product is fixed at a definite time to be brought to the public.  As a promoter, your responsibility is to capitalize on the about- to- be- launched product date and promote the product before the actual date. Doing this will make your site to appear at the top of google rankings. This is so because ,the competition for the product keyword will be low, making your site to be visited by many people. What a less stress way to make money online? Are you still with me? Read on.

How To Find Products To Promote

There are many sites that you can use to get products. Below are some popular ones:

  • Jv notifypro.com (2) lunchboards.com (3) muncheye.com

We are going to use jv notify  for the explanation.It is the one we have used and succeeded with. Follow these steps below and you will never complicate things.


-Go to your browser and type in www.jvnotifypro.com.

-While at the site,  look at the down left side and click on “sign up”.


You will be taken to another page. you will see two buttons at the top of the page; the left has basic partnership and the one on the right side has “upgrade me to VIP”. The basic partnership is   free and the other is  paid.



-Click on the basic partnership. Remember, my mission is to reduce your expenses as much as possible. I want you to make money fast and help you to remove the notion that it is difficult to make money online.

-Fill the form with your details as shown below;


-Now, log in with your details and look at the top right side of the jvnotify site, you will see jvnewswatch.com. as seen below;


Click on this and you will be directed to the page below;

-Scroll down to see the products to be launched and their dates.


-Pick one product that is likely to have a lot of traffic on the release day.

Your choise should be  about 15 days before launch. Note; this is the one we experimented  and succeeded with. You can try lesser days than the one we have used .Our mentor who introduced us to this online business idea used 10 days.

-Click on the chosen products  e.g Dr Amit Pareek-wpsocixplode.


and you will be directed to this page;


Now, click on the JV Invite Button as shown above and scroll down. You will see something like this;


Click On this and fill in your name and email you used to register with jvnotifypro.Look at it here;


Click on Become A VIP Partner and you will be directed here;


Get your link from the site you are directed to and save it somewhere.This is the link you will using to promote the product and get commission from.

– That is the page that gives detailed description of the product. Use the following criteria to determine whether the product will sell or not;

(1) A  product that will sell well must have a lot of other reknowned marketers who have sold other products of the owner before. To confirm this, just scroll down a bit ,you will see something like this;


Here is the rationale for using the above factor; When the product becomes launched on that date, a lot of these internet gurus will promote this product to their members. These gurus have thousands of people on their list. Some of these people will want to check for a review on this product which will make them to make a decision on buying or not. They would have to check this on google. But since you have been the first to have created a site on this, those people are likely to buy from your link on your website because google will show your website first, hence making you cool money.

Getting A domain And Creating A site

To implement this online  money making idea, you will need a domain name and a hosting package. Check their sites for their prices.

We have many domain registrar where you can buy your domain and hosting packages. Here are places to buy;

  • (1) Namecheap (2) name silo (3) hostgator (4) bluehost

Note; namecheap and name silo are for domain registration while hostgator and bluehost  serve as both.You can decide to buy both from the same company or different company.

NOTE; Make sure the domain you will be buying is one of the following;

  • productname.com
  • productnamereview.com
  • productnamereviewandbonuses.com

Let me give you some examples here. Assuming the product you want to promote is “how to get cash fast”, the domain you should go for should be something like;

Www.howtogetcashfast.com, www.howtogetcashfastreview,com, or www.howtogetcashfastandbonuses.com.  Do you get the idea now? You can   as well go for .net or .info instead of .com but I prefer the .com.

NOTE; Lack money to pay for your domain name and hosting package? Watch the video below to see  a step-by-step guide on how to get a domain and hosting  package without you paying for them. I am revealing everything to you because your success is my success. You don’t have any excuse not to make money online because of lack of money. You can in  fact execute this idea without spending a dime. Listen to this candid advice; start with the free domain and hosting if you don’t have the money but switch to paid ones after making some cash. Is that sensible enough? Here now is the video on how to get a free domain and hosting package


To create a site for your product, use one of the following;

  • WordPress (2) wix (3) blogger

NOTE; I prefer you use wordpress. Check for a Click  below this article on how to create your own site  on each of the above.


The type of content is use is to write a REVIEW OF THE PRODUCT. Here are 3 ways to get content;

  • Get a copy of of the product review from the owner of the product. Just send an email to the owner by using the contact address from jv notify
  • Visit the product page in jv notify site and give a summary of the product.What you will getting here is not going to be a full review.You only use it as a temporary content to optimize yopur site.
  • On launch day of the product, the product main site would be live. Visit the site, read more about the product and write your own review

Check the link below this article to Watch a video on  how to write a product review that sells well;


The following may not be needed if your site is already at the top of google page. If not boost your site ranking.;

  • Create a youtube video and place a link directing it to your site
  • Create a press release and also link to your site
  • You can also write articles and post on article directories

NOTE; On my later posts ,how to drive traffic would be more discussed in full.Watch out for these posts later.

Finally, the moment your site is at top of google page, you just sit down and watch the money coming in.

Hope you have enjoyed this write up. Take action on this secret I have revealed. It cost me money to get but here you are, getting it free .

Don’t leave yet! There is one thing  I would want you to do for me now. Leave a comment in the comment box below , stating how helpful this article has be. Thank you all for visiting our blog.