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There are various ways by which money can be made online.One such way is using youtube.Let me give you a step-by-step guide how you can do this.

Make money with YouTube

Sometimes you hear stories about ordinary people who earn a lot of online money with Youtube . For example, by discussing computer games in a funny way, they were able to get thousands of viewers and earn money on the ads appearing in their videos. That kind of success could inspire you to do that too.

Often, the purpose of attracting sponsors and advertisers is to keep the show running. YouTube is a great way to share knowledge and earn a small amount of passive income . Do it alone if you like to spend a lot of your time making good videos.

Here are some tips to make money with YouTube. First, I discuss the different methods and then I go deeper in different ways.

Use YouTube to attract more visitors to your website

You can only earn money online with a blog or website if you have a lot of visitors. YouTube is one of the ways to attract visitors . You regularly create a new video and place links to your own website in the video. You can also often mention your website and invite people to view more of your content.

I have used this method myself for a while to get more visitors to my website.

Create your own product

Do you have your own product to offer? YouTube offers opportunities for promoting products to drive sales. This includes e-books, apps, art and music. You offer them for sale with a webshop and then you can make videos about it.

Do affiliate marketing with YouTube

Affiliate Marketing is the sale of products for a commission. Many companies have attractive deals for affiliate marketers. This way they can save on their marketing costs. For example, imagine creating a YouTube channel with product discussion like smartphones, toys or books. Your audience has guaranteed interest in these products . Therefore, your channel is attractive as an ad channel for the providers of these products.

Create your own TV series

Can you tell me a story? YouTube allows you to create your own TV show. For example, you can broadcast a drama series or your own talk program. That gives people with a small budget a lot of imagination a chance to show their own idea to the world. A good example is Charlie the Unicorn . This form of animation would never be made by a television production company. But now everyone has the freedom to make good television and earn money with YouTube.

Share your knowledge as a teacher or trainer

Have a good understanding of your favorite topic or do you know how to do something the right way? Then you can show it in a video and make money online with YouTube. For a while I saw a video showing someone the easiest way to pick a banana. That was a surprise!  Such things are doing well on YouTube.

How do you create a YouTube channel?

Each YouTube account is connected to a channel. Your YouTube account is also linked to your Google Account. A separate YouTube account also gives access to other Google products like Gmail and Drive.

  1. Create your account or use your existing Gmail account.
  2. Add relevant keywords so that people can easily find your channel through Google or another search engine.
  3. If you create a new account, choose a short username that is easy to remember.

Create videos for YouTube

In the beginning, your videos are usually of low quality. It takes a while before you get well. That’s not bad. Just keep going and strive to make each video better than the previous one .

  • You can both improve content and increase production quality.Use a camera and audio device that is good enough for the type of video you want to make.
  • Experiment with different editing software to properly edit your video.
  • Use a tripod.
  • Ask a friend to help with the camera, the audio equipment or the light.This makes the scenes better and fun to watch.
  • By regularly uploading a new video you will continue to attract your audience.
  • Take your videos with the most important keywords that describe the content.This helps in finding your video with YouTube searches.
  • Consider following an acting course.This way you learn to present yourself and an idea well.Acting is an art and it takes a while before you get well.

To earn money with YouTube make your video public. Some viewers will click on ads in your video. Later, we’ll discuss the different ways you can place your ad in your videos.

Note: You just have to produce good content. What does “good” mean? That depends on your target audience. It will always be something that you are proud of. Then there is a chance that someone else will see it.

What Tricks Can You Use To Make People Watch More  Of Your Videos Once They’re On Your YouTube Channel?

  1. You can do that by referring to a later video later.For example, if you’re talking about smartphones, you can say that at the end of the video you have a news about a new phone.
  2. You can promise more tips on your subject in the following video. Many viewers will return to your YouTube channel a few days later to see  what you  promised .

Always share your videos via Twitter and Facebook, and ask  your viewers  to share it on their social networks . That way, you’ll get more viewers who are already friends with your current viewers.

YouTube is a social platform. Your viewers can leave comments and discuss with you. Respond to good posts and make sure your viewers feel welcome. For example, your YouTube channel can become a social place to share interests with others.

Making money online with YouTube videos can only be done if you have enabled that option. You then allow YouTube to place ads in your video. Note: You can only do that if the original video is  of  high quality material . You cannot  upload another person’s video material youtube  ads to be displayed.

The first step towards making money online with YouTube videos is setting up Google AdSense . You can do that on the AdSense website .

Your Adsense Account is linked to a PayPal account or bank account. You also need a valid address to  transfer the money you earn with your videos to you.

Note: How much money you earn with your YouTube videos depends on your viewers’ click behavior. The more ads they see, the more money you earn . It’s about clicks. YouTube ads are managed in the AdWords platform. Advertisers choose cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-view (CPV) ads.

Different types of ads in YouTube videos

Cost-per-click (CPC)

CPC means that an advertiser pays based on clicks. For example, if a particular keyword has a CPC of 3 euros and someone clicks on that ad, it will cost the advertisers 3 euros. These ads appear in the bottom part of the screen while playing a YouTube video. The ads can also appear as a square banner to the right of your YouTube channel.

Cost Per View (CPV)

CPV is when an advertiser pays based on the number of  views. For example, suppose someone is watching a car for at least 30 seconds or viewing half of the ad. It does not matter which of these two happens first. The number of times someone clicks on the ad does not matter . The display is the only one that counts. As a result, the advertisers know that the ad is also really seen.

Pre-roll ads

Pre-roll ads are the ads that play before the video starts. The viewer has the ability to click the ad after 5 seconds and watch YouTube video.

In-Search and In-display ads

In-Search ads appear in search results and are surrounded by a pale yellow frame. In-display ads appear on the right side of YouTube in the video.

Create YouTube videos for a target audience

Make your videos with a certain kind of person in mind. This is a basic principle of advertising ; targeting a target audience. And it must be more specific than demographics, such as “women between the ages of 20 and 40.” That’s way too wide because it’s not clear what products they buy. Women in this category can still vary widely. They have different ways of thinking and talking. They have different incomes and interests. The narrower the audience, the more you can earn with YouTube videos . Make sure you’re attractive to the advertiser who wants to reach a well-known and smaller audience.

Remember that some keywords are more valuable than others. Advertisers will pay more for the keyword such as “mortgage” or “breast augmentation” than “cheap sunglasses.” A click or display of an expensive product ad has more value. This is because it also produces a lot more if someone decides to buy the product. Research to see that your target group is  planning to spend money . If so, you can earn money online with YouTube videos.