Making money does not have to stop when you are done with your normal job. Doing  things apart from your regular  work is fantastic to bring  in some extra money into your account. This way, you can spend  the extra on your holiday to Thailand and other interesting places.Do you some time to spare? Here are 8 jobs you can lay your hands on to earn extra money;

1.   Give travel advice

Who does not like to travel? A job as a travel advisor, is fantastic. The best thing is to specialize in an area, such as booking cheap flights .Start with word-of-mouth advertising and help acquaintances with booking trips and recommend fun activities during the trip. Once you have satisfied customers, it can grow faster .

2. Providing Guides To Interesting Places

Do you know Amsterdam or another tourist attraction? Do you know everything about it and do you like to meet people? Start here and who knows, you can do this full time in a few years.There are always tourists who want to pay more for extra information or  want to see the nice places in Amsterdam.

3. Help Children With Exams

If you have passed all your exams with flying colors, then think about helping other children to pass their exams. Parents have a lot of money left for their child to succeed.With this, you  can earn 15 to 50 euros per hour, depending on your skills

. 4. Teach Online

Can you build websites or are you good at online marketing? There are enough people online who want to pay for that knowledge. These are jobs that you can easily do aside your normal job.Create a good advertisement  to show case your skill.

5. Repair IPhone screens

As everyone knows, the screens of mobile phones are always broken and in most cases they have to be replaced. Are you  a bit technically inclined?Then replacing screens on mobile phones might be something for you. If you do it well ,the customers will be looking for  you always, making you to easily earn some extras.

6. Help People Lose Weight

Do you have  some weight  loss tips that you have used successfully before? You have knowledge on how to use  diet to reduce excess fats;you know of an  exercise tip that can be  of great help. Then, it is time to sell it to people for money. There are many people who want to use your expertise. Prepare a feeding schedule for them and accompany them to the gym in the evening after completing your own workout or taking a group to a park and doing exercises there.

7. Rent Out Your Car

You pay for your insurance, road tax, et cetera for your car, but you are not doing any extra work, right? Here is what to do; rent out your car to people or online car renter companies. This way, you will earn something from your car.

8. Taking Care Of Dogs

Are you an animal lover?  You can earn some extra money by taking care of other people’s pets. There are many pet owners who have no time for their pets  but would like to pay for it .Go out and fill these needs.

Making money is easy. Sit down and think about a talent you are good at ,advertise and you see yourself making some extra money .