Complete Gray Hair Reversal Formular

 Want to know how to get rid of gray hair completely? Early or late, those gray hairs of age will inevitably emerge. What actually makes our hairs grow gray as we grow older? And can we not hold that dreaded process of gray a little? Haarexperte Madeleine Preston solves our burning questions.

“Most women see the first gray hairs pop up around their 30th, and around 50, about half of your hair is completely gray,” explains hair and head skin expert, Madeleine Preston. “Gray hair is a combination of hair with a normal pigment, blended with white hairs. It  becomes white when the pigment cells responsible for color are no longer produced. How fast you get gray  largely depends on your genes, even though , external factors  can also affect the process. “

Stopping gray  hairs is an impossible mission, but you can do a few things to  delay those gray hairs a little.

One method that is commonly used to prevent gray hair is coloring the hair. Read further as I explain the various ways you can do this.

In order to perfectly color your hair, you do not have to have a painter diploma. You do not even need to go to a hair salon before you can do it.

All the methods discussed below are completely natural. So good for your hair and your wallet.  it’s a matter of getting a few shades lighter or darker. However, if you want a completely different color, you may just buy a pair of hair paint or go to the hairdresser. Lets get started now;

 Method 1; The Use Of Henna
The alternative to coloring your hair without harsh chemicals is henna. In the alternative beauty shops,  they sell special henna paint that lets you color your hair at home. Let the store  master advise you on the right color and buy enough henna for a good coverage. Bonus: henna is (often) not harmful to your hair, which makes you enjoy it for a long time.

Method 2 ;Hair chalk
Would you prefer a brighter color than the calibrated black, blonde, brown or red? For a number of years, the so-called hair chalk is very popular. But you can also make it very easy yourself. Buy at the hobby shop, chalk of your favorite color, Preferably without oil. Make your hair’s tips wet and rub the chalk over it a few times. Dry it with the hair dryer and use the stylus so that the color goes well. After a wash, the color is so new.

Method 3 ; Coffee – for dark hairs
If you are blessed with beautiful dark lures, and you want to give it  some  more depth, then you can start with coffee. Put a pot of strong coffee and wash your hair as you are used to. Then rinse it again with the cooled coffee and repeat this trick for about one and a half weeks. Then you will see that your hair shines and it is even deeper in color.

Method 4; Potato boiling water – for dark blond hair
Dark blonde? If you’re a little hesitant to make it permanently colored, try the next tip from grandmother’s time. After the potatoes, do not boil the moisture, but put in a comb and brush it through your hair. This makes your dark blonde hair even darker. Allow it to dry through the outside for best results.

Method 5; Tea – for redheads

For the red-haired among us, use this tip. For you to get a shiny effect and for more depth in your color, you can rinse your hair with tea. It does not matter what kind of food (but the sweetest is  a green tea). But beware of lemon tea.
Method 6; Chamomile

Blondes can show their hair the best with chamomile. A tip you often hear is the use of a lemon, but your hair drys  faster with this. It is better to rinse your hair with camill tea or a homemade mixture of chamomile (for sale in the better supermarkets and natural stores) and water. Tip: First peel the chamomile leaves before rinsing your hair.

Method 7; Dip dye with black tea
Still extremely popular is the dip dye . At the hairdresser, it’s often quite expensive to do because you need some color paint. At home you can easily do it yourself with black tea. Put three cups of boiled water ready and let the black tea pull in. Make sure each cup has a different ‘strength’. Dip the hair of your hair first into the lightest tea and work for the darkest tea. For a beautiful overflow in the colors, make sure that the colors of tea do not differ too much from each other.

Make use of these tips and you will free from having gray hairs,