Want To Know How To Write A Perfect Article For Your Blog? .Here is something you should take serious. A good structure is the basis for a successful website, but equally important is the content. Presenting information in a way that is attractive to your target audience, but also for search engines so that your article high in the results comes up when people search for a related subject. In short, optimize your articles so that they rank higher in Google! This is called search engine optimization or SEO for short.

How You Can Write A Perfect Article

Step 1: what do you want to write?

Is the topic you have in mind  of greater interest to the general public? Would you read it  if someone else  writes about it? I understand that you’d like to write an article on something you like and that you are interested in, but is it also interesting for others?

If not, then there is no need to write about it! Optimizing  such content for a search engine like Google might not make much sense. The subject should contain something that is interesting to the public, specific information that people are  seeking for.

But there is something you can do if you want to write about a topic you are interested in. In this article, I will use: “How to make a pizza? as my example .of a topic I am interested in.

Step 2: Focus on a search term

Once you have a specific topic, you can check whether it is something  people are looking for. For this, I use the AdWords Keyword Planner (or keyword planner). This is a handy tool from Google that provides insight into search behavior of a term. To use this tool, you need a (free) Google account. Follow the step-by-step guide below;

  • At the top I fill “’how to make a pizza? ”  without the inverted commas.
  • Then I put on ‘Targeting’ the location ‘United States’ and the language ‘English’;
  • Down I click ‘Get ideas’ for the result;
  • Select the Keyword Ideas tab for a comparison of the terms.

As you can see, the results for the term “how to make a pizza?”  on average, is 100k  per month at the time of writing this report. Most times, I always pick buyers keywords having more than 4 words .  Scroll down and you will see another buyer keyword with 7 words. Check number 3 in the table below. Perfect, ‘ how to make pizza dough from scratch” is better. This  term is likely to be used for my blog article.

A second important point is ‘Competition’. For my term it is ‘low’, which is very favorable. The less competition, the easier it is for a term to rank highly in search results. So always try to find a word with a low  competition .

Step 3: Customize the search title

So I want to write something about “making your own pizza” and I know that the focus should be on ” how to make pizza from scratch as the chosen searched term. Let me start by coming up with a title. Do you want to score high on your keyword word, then it is better to place it in the front of the title. The main keyword in the picked search term is “make pizza”. It must be present in the first four words. The chosen search term satisfy this criteria.Hence, my title still will be “how to make pizza from scratch”.Finding it easier? Let’s move on.

Step 4: Adjust the search permalink

Any content that you write and publish through your WordPress site will have its own URL. This article for example has the URL: http://www.olufonblog.com/how-to-write-the…le-for-your-blog/ . To rank higher in Google, it is important that you make the chosen keyword as part of the URL. In the case of my article on how to make a pizza from scratch,  the keyword is included is included in the URL. I do this by editing the permalink  or automatically done by wordpress..

Step 5: the writing of the content

The next step is writing the content of your article. Please, write a factually correct and very happy article that can be  read by the user. Note that Google loves relevancy. Make your content more focused on  your subject and do not do keyword stuffing . However, there are some points which you should pay attention to. Here  are some;.

  • Repeat  the search term, “making pizza, in my case, several times in the text.
  • Enter the search term with the title attribute, for example, a link or an image.
  • Process the term in H2 or H3 tags.
  • Use images that match your topic and give and let title  of the file name have the keyword. Make also  the  alt, description and caption with the chosen keyword.
  • Refer to previously written articles on your blog by linking to it.

Step 6:  Using WordPress SEO By Yoast

If you have the plug-in, wordpress seo by yoast,  installed and activated, it will automatically appear at the bottom of every article that you are creating or editing  at the  SEO section. The plug-in also providht into the SEO score of your article.es the option to perform a page analysis, a useful test that provides insig

The SEO section below your article consists of different options and tabs, each section is briefly discussed below.

  1. ‘Snippet example; a preview of your article, as  it is reflected in the search results.
  2. Focus search term ; in the case of the example I fill’ making pizzas here. The plug-in then analyzes the extent to which the term is found and determines on this basis the SEO score of your article.
  3. ‘SEO title,;if you want to use a different title for the views in results, you can enter a different title here. You’ll see that when you change instantly ‘Snippet example’ is adapted.
  4. ‘Meta Description’; fill in a short description about your content and make sure the search term is incorporated. This appears below the title in the displayed article.

Okay,  you have completely filled in  the ‘General’ tab. Click the upper right, with the heading “Publish”,or “Save as Draft. Then click below, for ‘SEO’ and ‘check’. This takes you to the Page Analysis tab, where all concerns about SEO is shown.

Points are highlighted as you try to improve  in orange or red. But do not try to make the quality of the content  everything green. After all, you want to deliver a relevant and high-quality content.

Skip the Advanced tab. Go to the “Social” tab. You can give a description of the article on Facebook or Google+. If you leave this blank  it will automatically use the meta description.


Finally, there are some options on the right side. You can add categories in which the item is to be placed. You can fill in tags and set a featured image. It helps  with seo.

In conclusion, here is what to check before publishing your content[

  • The title contains the keyword.
  • Place the search term as far as possible in the front of the title.
  • The permalink includes the search term.
  • The meta description contains the keyword.
  • Place the search  term as far  in the front of the meta description.
  • Enter the search term  in order to check the score.
  • for the contents, try to score a search term density of 4.5%.
  • Images in the article contain the search term as alt tag.
  • It helps when the search is bold, italicized or Underlined  in the article.
  • The contents should include a link of the search term that links to an article on the same blog.
  • The contents should include a link of the search term that links to an article on another website.
  • The search term  should occur in the first and last 100 words of the article.
  • The search term a should appear in title attributes for links and images.

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