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That every day you lose hair, is normal. Indeed, it is constantly renewed in accordance with a specific cycle. Every day we find an average of 10 to 15% of our hair in our hairbrush, which have fallen naturally into the telogen phase (at the end of their life cycle). This figure varies depending on our genetic heritage (the hair of men renews faster) and the morphology of the skull. So you can easily lose 20 to 100 hairs a day without your  Doctor worrying. In case of doubt, he will make his diagnosis by analyzing not only the fallen hairs but also the quality of the new hair (in the anagen phase) and the fineness of the hairs.

hair fall problem?

how to prevent hair fall

Once our hair brush is full, we panic. However, it may also just be a temporary hair loss (for two to three months), which occurs after a specific event (a season substitution, a surgical procedure, …) and is always reversible.

But first, What are the causes of hair loss and how  can  you prevent the loss of all those hairs?

Why you suffer from hair loss

hail fall

There are many causes for hair loss. Every human being loses typically about fifty to one hundred hairs a day. That seems a lot but they also grow much either. If you have more hair loss, there may be something wrong. One can think of  a number of reasons;

Illnes, poor diet, stress and genetic predisposition are some factors responsible for your hair loss. Follow me as I give details on why you loose more hairs.

Hair Loss Due To Seasons

In spring and autumn we usually lose more hair. This situation does not last longer than six weeks and although everyone is affected, this is temporary (and light).However, after a few weeks, our hair grow again.   Scientists can not explain so well this phenomenon. They only know that the hormones that promote hair growth become stimulated more in the summer, and that the hair loss is greater than at the end of the warm season. The loss of hair in the spring might have to deal with the accumulation of toxins during the winter.

Hair loss due to unhealthy eating

A common cause of sudden hair loss is eating  unhealthy diet. You get unhealthy hair usually during a strict diet. This will   make your hairs not to get enough  important nutrients . In general, our hairs  suffer from an unbalanced diet in the field of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and essential fatty acids. However, the main cause of hair loss is still a shortage of iron. Most people (and especially women) lack  fruits and vegetables (276 g per day, say the statistics, instead of the recommended 600 g). This obviously has implications for the health of  the skin and hairs. After all,  healthy hairs need micronutrients, especially vitamin B.

When the female hormone is not secreted enough, for instance during  menopause, this causes hair loss. The estrogen level falls,  while the level of androgens (male hormones that are also in smaller quantity to be found the woman) remains stable. This imbalance then results in hair loss. This is especially true for women  suffering from perimenopause, whose scalp is genetically sensitive to androgens.

In addition, there are other factors that aggravate the situation. Some HRT’s (hormone replacement therapy) and the steroid hormone DHEA have the same consequences. In that case, a hormone replacement therapy with an anti-androgenic effect, ie a therapy that contains highly active progestins against the male hormone, offer solace.

Hair loss in men due to genetic predisposition

One common symptons of genetic hair loss is seeing the hairline receding  at a young age. The change of the hormone, testosterone, in your body  to dihydrotestosterone (DHT)  by the enzyme

5-alpha reductase(found on the hair follicles),

is one major culprit of genetic hair loss.

The DHT gradually reduces the number of hairs produced by the hair follicles and eventually leading to baldness.

A hair follicle produces up to 12 hairs. When hair growth time is shortened by your hormones, for example, six months,  you lose all your hair growth from that single hair follicle after almost six years.

For many men, this type of hair loss is a psychological problem. Hair pieces (toupee), or a hair transplant may then be a solution.

To inhibit hair loss, you might consider using an agent which lowers the value of DHT in your body. A type of hormone inhibitor .

The hair wreath on the side and back of your head is insensitive to your testosterone levels. So, here remains normal hair growth. Therefore, these hair follicles  from these head-sides are highly suitable for transplantation.

Hair loss due to stress

Stress sometimes causes behavioral disorders, such as compulsive pulling out your own hairs. This is called trichotillomania, and leading in extreme cases to partial baldness. Psychotherapy is recommended.

Due to stress,  blood supply to the hair follicles is reduced. As a result, the amount of the important nutrients to the hair is significantly less. Of course a solution for this is relaxation. You can  also provide a good massage to the scalp for improved blood flow.Stress can also be the cause of other  scalp problems..

Scalp problems and hair loss

Some problems with the scalp, such as dandruff, scaling, and eczema may also be the cause of hair loss.

Take care of your scalp with a suitable  shampoo or skincare product and you’re going to get less problems with hair loss. Massaging the skin can also provide an improved circulation of the scalp.

The pill and hair loss

It is generally known that the pill regulates your hormones. This contraceptive may also be a reason for suffering from hair loss. The change in hormone levels can sometimes give noticeable differences in hair growth.

If you have  suffered hair loss as a result of using a pill, see your doctor for a different strength pill or a different brand.

Color rinses and hair colors or dyes

Your  hairs can be damaged by using hair color, paint or color rinse. However, it is widely used especially to mask gray hair.Note that the color of your hair can affect the health of your hair.  The chemicals in the coloration are not good for your hairs.

 Here Are More Hair Loss Solutions

1 .Medication
Some drugs in the form of lotions or capsules  give good results. Provillus Hair Loss Treatment is  one of the leading hair regrowth treatment for men and women. The Provillus Hair Regrowth Solution has the only FDA-approved topical ingredient clinically proven to  grow your hair back. The Provillus hair loss solution is a combination of a liquid and capsule product.
2.Fresh (or frozen) vegetables contain masses of vitamins and minerals.They are indispensable. Vitamin A for example, is an important source of antioxidant and therefore useful against free radicals. The older you get, the higher the production of these free radicals.

Sulfur in onions and garlic improve  resistance. In the case of shortage of sulfur, the hairs break  more easily.

  1. Use Olive oil (not hot)
    Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and essential for the absorption of certain vitamins.
  2. Swiss roll:
    Swiss roll is a luxurious honey!  It is one of the foods richest in amino acids (eight of which are essential), nutrients (calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sulfur) and vitamins A, B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B8, B12), C and D. Available in health food stores and in some supermarkets.
  3. – Pollen:

Food supplement in the form of capsules.?Is rich in trace elements, mineral salts and essential amino acids. It is completely natural. It would do wonders for a dull hair. For maximum effectiveness, take a piece of pollen on the empty stomach. Chew well and do this twice a day. Available in health food stores and in some supermarket

Hair transplant, how does it work?

A hair transplant can beautify the hair but not add extra hair on the scalp. If there remains about 70,000 of the 100,000 original hair, the specialist will divide them again. He takes hairs away from well coated pieces and plant them in the places where the skull is bald. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the result looks natural.

Other techniques that can be used include the FUT-method (Follicular Unit Hair Trans Plants), wherein a strip of scalp (skin + hair) is cut, and then implanted in the bald area. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and should of course be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.


It is actually true that you should enjoy your own hairs. Whether red, brown, black or white, curly or straight, whether you have little or lot of hairs, it’s your hair and try to keep  it as healthy as possible.